Mosaic Floor Tiles - Stone Rugs
Mosaic Floor Tiles - Stone Rugs
Mosaic Floor Tiles - Stone Rugs

The Kilim runner 12.00m x 1.25m inspired by Turkish kilims, features 12 different central motifs. Manufactured in 10 sections and seamlessly joined together.

From the mosaic museum in Antacha the “Antioch rug” (16 sq.m) geometric design of rain on water, interlocking circles in 4 colours and border. Manufactured in 12 sections.

Chevron striped rug and decorative border with central tesserae in mirror. A simple design (2.25m x 1.00) set into painted cement floor. Manufactured in one piece, allow 3 cms depth for setting.

Stone Rugs can be used as indoor or outdoor carpets.

The traditional Kilim runner (12 metres long), classic Roman designs, or contemporary and modern rugs of mosaics are easily installed. Sheets of mosaic carpets are transported on fabric and joined together, seamlessly, during installation on site. The mosaic is placed in a space prepared

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